Landscape Architecture & Design in Augusta, GA

Serving the landscape design & architecture needs of the greater Augusta area.

Landscape Architecture for Augusta, GA homeowners who Value their Outdoor Spaces.

We create richly designed residential landscapes and outdoor living spaces that improve people’s lives and homes. In order to create lavish landscape architecture solutions in Augusta, GA, we keep our focus on a few key concepts:

  • Using our experience and expertise to help guide our client’s vision into reality.

  • Keeping aesthetics and functionality at the forefront of all of our planning.

  • Thriving on the challenges and opportunities each location and site brings to the planning process through clear and concise communication with our clients.

  • Employing native and well-adapted plant selections and development practices that are respectful of the environment.

Whether the landscape architecture project is an Augusta, GA public park, private garden, or personal backyard, we want to make the most of the potential of the site and the resources at hand. Budget, location, and even legislation can be challenging, but Origin thrives on establishing a vision for each project and bringing it to life no matter what obstacles are in the way.

Our Services

Residential Services


Landscape designs for large plots of land requiring complex planning and coordinated sub-projects. 

Residential Services


Swimming pools or ponds and the landscaping around them.

Residential Services

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor cooking areas of any size and scale.

Residential Services


Flowers and edible plants, any size, no matter how large or how small your area.

Residential Services


Turning entry areas or front yards into works of art.

Residential Services

Decks & Patios

Outdoor living area that are comfortable and beautiful from all angles.

Residential Services


Trees & shrubs. Any size area, from around your home to entire orchards and grounds.

Residential Services

Historic Homes

Certified to plan and design revitalization and design plans for historic homes or properties in historic areas.


How Long Has Origin Been Providing Landscape Architecture Services?

Founder and Owner, Lance Cheely has worked in Landscape Architecture since 2009 after graduating with honors from the University of Georgia. Among his many accolades, Lance received the prestigious Neel Reid Memorial Scholarship from the Peachtree Garden Club while attending UGA, as well as many Government Variances, which allowed projects which wouldn’t normally meet lawful criteria, to be completed. It was this sense of creativity and innovation that lead Lance to Augusta University where he obtained his Master’s of Business in 2015.

Lance has a diverse professional background, having worked closely with architectural, civil, and structural engineering design concepts. Lance founded Origin L.A. on the concept that understanding, incorporating, and implementing these different design disciplines is how Landscape Architects are uniquely equipped to create rich and functional spaces that can actually make people’s lives better. 

Lance and the entire Origin family is always on the lookout for opportunities to engage in Augusta, GA landscape architecture projects, and connect with people and organizations that appreciate the value of well-designed and sustainable outdoor spaces. 

How long does an average project take?

We offer a number of services each with a varying time for delivery of the design. Master planning takes a bit longer than planting plans only, however, for all but the largest of properties a couple of weeks is usually sufficient. Much of the design schedule is taken up in client review and coordinating meeting availability.

For small projects with little complexity, we offer the Origin Express Mobile Design Package. We bring our van to your home and move through the design process in one visit by eliminating many of the coordination delays.​

What types of projects do you specialize in?

While our registered Landscape Architects have practiced commercial landscape design, large scale land planning, large and small park design, and street-scape design, we focus on providing well designed residential landscapes and outdoor living spaces for a wide variety of clients. Our designs focus on sustainability, minimizing maintenance needs, and going beyond the commonplace landscape design.​

We all have our favorite styles, but our team is fully capable of designing in a wide range of styles. From formal gardens with clipped hedges, to traditional southern estate plantings, to using native plantings in the now popular “new perennial” style, one of Origin’s Landscape Architects can deliver just what you’re looking for.

How are your design fees calculated?

Our design fees are calculated based on multiple criteria: deliverables, project size, project complexity, and design hours required.​

Why do you charge for the envisioning meeting?

The fee for the envisioning meeting covers our time and travel to meet you and allows us to dedicate the time to really get a feel for your personality and your space. Any healthy relationship begins with communication, so we take time to ask questions and explain our process so that we are on the same page from the start. Additionally, if you choose to move forward with a design, the envisioning meeting is credited toward the total design fee.

Don’t See Your Question?

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