Poolscape Design in Augusta, GA

Custom built swimming pools and ponds that relax & refresh for residents in the greater Augusta, GA area.


Living in the greater Augusta, GA area means summers seem to last forever, so why not keep cool and strengthen the value of your home with a beautiful inground pool! Origin’s landscape architects work with homeowners in and around Augusta, GA to create the backyard summer oasis you’ve always dreamed of. Our landscape experts work with each client to ensure their vision, which includes:

  • Inground swimming pool planning and construction. We work with you and your budget to make sure your pool is both aesthetically pleasing and in accordance with all local building codes and HOA regulations that may be in place.
  • Swimming Pool Renovation. Perhaps you want to add a water feature to highlight a favorite garden bed, or maybe you want to update your pre-existing inground pool with more energy efficient equipment or automation. We will walk you through complicated processes seamlessly to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Not sure if the property you’re looking at in Augusta, GA can support the pool you want? Let us take a look for you. We love working with clients as early as possible in the property developing process.


Why do pool quotes vary so much from company to company? 

The cost of an Augusta, GA poolscape is determined by more than just the shape and size of your pool; the type and quality of materials used, the degree of craftsmanship, and how many various subcontractors are needed for the installation of electrical and mechanical elements can affect the overall quote of your plan. For this reason, it’s important to go over each detail of your poolscape plan with your landscape architect to ensure you know what the price of the design truly means.  

How much maintenance does a pool require? 

Anyone who has ever owned a pool or hot tub can tell you that there is a fair amount of necessary maintenance that goes into keeping everything clean and functioning. Depending on the location of your poolscape on your Augusta, GA property, skimming and emptying the skimmer baskets will be a bi-weekly or even daily task; automated pool covers can be wonderful time-saving investments. It’s also considered a good practice to brush the walls and floor of your pool in order to prevent algae growth and chemical build-up; the type of brush your pool needs will be determined by the materials used during construction. pH levels, as well as chloric levels, need to be checked weekly as well to ensure a healthy swimming environment for your family and friends; salt water pools do tend to require less maintenance and are usually less expensive. Pool pumps and filters will need to be serviced periodically as well. Since there are so many components that need to be addressed on a regular and semi-regular basis, many pool owners will hire a company to maintain their poolscape for around $120 a month.

What is involved in the design process?

 Did you know that most pool owners spend only 10% of their time in the pool, while the other 90% is spent gazing at their poolscape? An Augusta, GA home’s pool is just as much about what surrounds the pool, as the pool itself. That’s why our landscape architects work with each of our clients to make sure their poolscape fits into their properties landscape seamlessly, functions for their needs, and is designed to last. We come out to your property to help you scout the best possible spot for your poolscape as it relates to your landscape. From there, we walk you through each step in the design and construction process so you know exactly what to expect during each phase of design and construction.