Planting for Augusta, GA

Selecting, placing, and maintaining trees and shrubs anywhere on your Augusta, GA property.

What to plant, where to plant, and how to plant trees and shrubs in the greater Augusta, GA area, are just a few questions that can easily overwhelm anyone who doesn’t have an extensive dendrology knowledge. Origin has some of Georgia’s top tree and shrub specialists who can advise homeowners what plants will best meet their needs. Whether your goals are to provide your Augusta, GA home with shade, ecological drainage solutions, improve your home’s aesthetic curbside appeal, or if you’re looking to design an abundant orchard, Origin has the knowledge and capability to guide your vision to fruition.


What plantings are recommended for edging? 

Using plants to edge your landscape can help to create a clean and finished look to your outdoor Augusta, GA space. Traditional edging like brick, tile, or stone can require tedious maintenance and can be subject to erosion issues over time. One of the best ways to fix this problem is to edge your landscape with plants. Taking the function and condition of your Augusta, GA landscape into consideration, a good landscape architect can determine the best plants for your flower bed, stone walkway, or pool deck. Japanese Forest Grass or Alyssum are great choices for larger lots looking to add natural privacy; a mulched bed of perennials and native grasses are good for bordering a walkway or more narrow plot. An experienced Augusta, GA landscape architect can survey your property and help you determine what plants will serve your space best.

How often should I water my plants?

With most outdoor Augusta, GA landscapes, it’s not about how often you water your plants, rather it’s about the best way to water them. Many experienced gardeners will tell you that when they first started out, they wasted so much water on the leaves of the plant instead of focusing on watering the plant’s roots every time. Another common rookie mistake is to stick to your watering schedule without factoring in the weather; if Augusta, GA got rain for two days straight, you can probably hold off watering everything that already got all that rain for about a week or so. If you’re not sure if something needs to be watered, use a finger to check for soil moisture between six to twelve inches below the surface, and if you don’t feel any dampness, the plant more than likely needs watering. It’s also important to thoroughly mulch all flowerbeds to help prevent runoff and ensure each drop of water goes to feeding your plants. If you’re still unsure of how best to water your landscape, call one of our Augusta, GA landscape architects who can come survey your property and help you set up the best watering and maintenance schedule for your landscape.