Outdoor Kitchen Builds in Augusta, GA

Designing inviting outdoor cooking areas of any size in the greater Augusta, GA area.

With all the great summertime weather in Augusta, GA, who wouldn’t want to take meal prep outside? Origin designs and constructs outdoor kitchens and leisure areas in and around the Augusta, GA area that fit your space and meet your needs.  

There is a lot involved in the planning of an outdoor space; from decisions about construction materials, design, and building codes, to choosing the best outdoor appliances and fabric for your space. Origin’s architects walk you through each and every step. We offer a wide array of premium building materials, and all of our build-outs are custom made to reflect the needs of each Augusta, GA project and space.

Want to know if the property you’re looking to purchase is right for your outdoor kitchen dream? We love working & advising with clients pre-purchase to assist in the buying decision.


What kind of equipment can I have installed in my outdoor kitchen?

When it comes to your outdoor kitchen, the sky’s the limit! It is important to think about what function your outdoor kitchen will be playing; during the warmer months here in Augusta, GA, having a mini-fridge and ice maker can help your friends and family beat the heat. Having an all-weather grill can eliminate the need for an outdoor oven, while sturdy, usable countertops and an outdoor sink can make those poolside parties a breeze to prep and clean-up. If you like to have people over to watch the big game, installing an audio or visual system can help bring your entertainment outside. No matter how you want your outdoor space to function, our landscape architects can help you design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Are there specific building materials that should be used in my outdoor kitchen to ensure it lasts?

There are several options available when choosing the building materials for your Augusta, GA outdoor kitchen. Countertops take the brunt amount of wear and tear in your outdoor kitchen, so it’s important to avoid porous materials like concrete or limestone, and instead use granite, stainless steel, and marble for functional ease and durability. For cabinetry, we recommend designing your outdoor kitchen with stainless steel cabinets. If you have a covered outdoor kitchen, you might consider adding some warmth to your space with naturally rot-resistant teak accents, though you will still need to seal the wood bi-annually to ensure a beautiful looking outdoor space for years to come.

What kind of space is best for an outdoor kitchen installation?

When designing your outdoor kitchen, it’s important to consider how placement will function within your preexisting space; a good landscape architect will have the expertise to find any drainage issues your landscape may have before moving forward with construction. If you’re concerned about your outdoor kitchen holding up over the years in all kinds of weather, the site of your kitchen may rely heavily on where you are able to erect a pergola or gazebo to shelter the project. The look and feel of your Augusta, GA home should compliment any additions you are making to your landscape, and a good landscape designer will walk you through each and every step of the process before construction even begins.