Historic Homes in Augusta, GA

Design and revitalization plans for historic properties and locations in Augusta, GA.

Whether your Augusta, GA home is an Antebellum masterpiece, a Mid-Century Modern beauty, or a quaint Craftsman Bungalow, there is nothing more picturesque than a historic real estate. Creating and maintaining the property around your architectural wonder can be tricky, and if done incorrectly, it can distract from the charm and uniqueness of your space. Origin’s landscape planners are highly knowledgeable in the functional and ornamental horticulture that will best enhance your Augusta, GA home’s structural charm. We keep the time-period of your home’s construction at the forefront of our planning while implementing modern and sustainable landscaping techniques in order to increase your curb appeal while staying true to the design story your home is trying to tell.

We can work with any home, but we love helping clients as early as possible in the property development process. Taking advantage of our pre-purchase services means you can purchase your historic Augusta, GA property already knowing the potential and scale of its landscaping.

Why is landscaping for a historic home different from other kinds of landscaping?

Whether you are looking to design a landscape around your historic Augusta, GA home, or restore a residential garden back to its historical roots, this land has a story to tell us, and a skilled landscape architect can help you decipher what that story should look like. Just because a landscape may be aesthetically pleasing doesn’t mean it won’t distract or detract from the antique detail and design of your historical home or outdoor space. The landscape designers here at Origin L.A. are proficient in planning the four types of historical landscapes that dominate the South East:

  • Antebellum
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Victorian
  • Craftsman

We work with each of our clients in the greater Augusta, GA area to research their home’s history, discover which historical plants were used in that area, and design a revitalized landscape to complement the existing structures instead of distracting from them while incorporating fresh ideas that will help your property function in the 21st century. Although the restrictions for historical landscaping isn’t as cut and dry as the regulations for the rehabilitation of historic buildings, our landscape designers understand how to implement necessary landscape changes without harming the integrity or historical significance of your property.