Garden Design in Augusta, GA

Cultivating charming & bountiful gardens for both small & large spaces in the greater Augusta, SC area.

Classic to modern, large to small, edible to floral; gardens are timeless spaces that delight and nourish us and our Augusta, SC ecosystem. Origin landscape architects combine their expertise in horticulture and agriculture with landscape construction and sustainability to create gardenscapes that keep our clients’ style and needs in mind.

Whether you have a postage-stamp sized side yard or several acres in or around Augusta, SC that needs cultivating, our vast understanding of New Perennialist design informs our process so that we can deliver creative plots that heighten and define your space. We can start advising and working with you on your garden space even before you’ve purchased your Augusta, SC property, which helps you proceed with confidence about your new property development. Our process doesn’t end at the consultation, renovation, or design stages though; we know gardens take a lot of upkeep, which is why we create maintenance plans to keep your garden looking great. This includes mulching, planting/transplanting, weeding, pruning and fertilizing.


How do I start a vegetable garden?

Beginning a vegetable garden in Augusta, SC is exciting, but can also be complex and overwhelming. One of the best things you can do to help ease yourself into edible gardening is to start small and keep your focus on growing one or two types of vegetables until you get the hang of it. Carrots, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, and leafy greens like lettuce are fast yielding crops here in Augusta, SC and are fairly easy for first-timers to get the hang of growing. Another helpful strategy is to use raised beds for growing your first crops, which tend to provide better crop yields and control over the soil your vegetables are growing in. Origin’s team of experienced landscape architects can guide you through the whole process of designing your perfect vegetable garden, from which vegetables to plant, to the shape, size, and soil distribution of the raised beds. We can even help you find the ideal spot of land to place it on. 

When is the right time to prune my garden? 

When to cut back your garden’s flowering plants is largely dependant on what kind of plants you have. For flowering shrubs, trees, and vines, it’s best to prune them right after their flowers fade; this means if your tree blooms in spring, early summer will be peak pruning time. For fruit trees and berry plants in Augusta, SC, it’s important to cut them back when they are dormant so their blooms and fruit don’t decline over time with inconsistent pruning. Perennials that grow in Augusta, SC are the most labor intensive because they must not only be cut back at some point before their growing season, but they also need more regular maintenance of shearing and deadheading.

Why is understanding soil types important for the success of your garden?

The life and longevity of your garden is all about what’s underground; the combination of sand, silt, clay, and organic matter dictate how well everything above-ground will bloom and flourish since each plant type has an optimum growing-environment that extends beyond the Augusta, SC local weather patterns. How much or how little sand, silt, and clay a soil determines how much air flow and water retention the plant’s root systems have access to. For example, Rosemary plants need a sand-heavy soil to ensure the soil drys out quickly. The Iris plant longs to have a heavier clay-like soil that holds it’s moisture longer. Planted together in the same soil, only one of these plants will flourish, and you’ll be left with a lackluster garden. An experienced Augusta, SC landscape architect can walk you through the intricate ins and outs of soil-types so that your garden gets better with age.