Estate Landscape Design in Augusta, GA

Landscape design for large properties in the greater Augusta area.


Large lots and grounds in and around the Augusta, GA area, while they may be intimidating to put to use & maintain, offer incredible opportunities if you’re working with the right experienced landscape architect. A well-designed estate landscape can help to increase curb-appeal, define driveways and entrances, incorporate seasonal pops of color, and bring a necessary flow to your property that otherwise wouldn’t be there. At Origin,  we work with you to create visually appealing and ecologically functional plans for both the landscaping and hardscaping of your large property here in Augusta, GA. This includes:

Getting expert landscaping advice before you buy: Origin Landscape Architects have the expertise and training to advise you on landscaping design and options before you purchase a property in Augusta, SC. Although we will work with any property, our landscape designers can help to empower you to make the best property buying decision by revealing the landscape design possibilities that exist for your prospective property.

Planning and implementing new and existing lawns and gardensIf your pre-existing Augusta, GA lawn needs some revitalizing TLC or, even a more major redesign facelift, the professional landscapers at Origin can look at your property and help you determine if your space is in need of fertilization and weed control, irrigation system installation and maintenance, or general landscaping services.

Designing beautiful patios and outdoor living spacesOrigin Landscape planners help clients in and around the Augusta, GA area bring their outdoor living vision to reality by designing inviting and practical spaces. Using outdoor amenities can help to break up large swaths of land by defining a purpose and social flow to your property. Retaining walls, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, gazebos, pergolas, and natural stone or modular block patios or courtyards are just a few of the outdoor spaces we are specialized in.

Revitalizing more mature landscapes: If you have a more mature property in Augusta, GA, using sustainable vegetation for easy maintenance is one great way to help bring your lawn back to life. Using native plants that are drought tolerant, drip irrigation, and other ecologically viable features, will give you a more defined and visually intriguing space with less upkeep.


How much should I expect to spend on my landscaping project?

 If you’re looking to design and construct a landscape from scratch, we recommend budgeting 10%-15% of your home’s total value to make sure each key component of your new landscape has been considered and financially planned for. It’s also important to remember that landscape projects usually show a 100%-%150 ROI, which means you can rest easy knowing your initial investment will pay off.

When is the best time to begin a major landscaping project? 

If you’re thinking of revitalizing your home’s landscape with an upgrade or outdoor living addition, the best time of year to begin the meticulous planning stages would be during the winter. Here in Augusta, GA, the colder months means less landscape management as growth slows down until after the last frost before spring. This will give you and your landscape architect plenty of time to design an outdoor space that fits your property and home, and come spring, construction can begin so you can get outdoors sooner.

What does Sustainable Landscape Design mean? 

Sustainable practices in landscape design refer to the various practices which are implemented to help aesthetically serve a residential or commercial property while also offsetting the negative environmental impact. Usually, this is accomplished by regarding water as a resource, preserving existing plants and focusing on native plants for new growth, and limiting building resources as much as possible. A landscape’s sustainability also means easier maintenance and lower resource costs for water, electricity, etc.